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Sunderance: Chapter 11 - The Devil in The Detail
    The interrogation room at the ZPD, also known as the I.I.U. for the sake of keeping the word ‘interrogation’ out of actual interrogations, was about as welcoming and comforting as the inside of a refrigerator with no food. It was a perfect square, with one large and obviously two-way mirror on one wall and cameras in two corners in opposite corners that kept a constant eye on both mammals that sat at the small metal table in the center of the much larger table. The chairs, designed to hang from the sides of the large table when not in use, were only lightly cushioned and being ram-rod straight backs ruined any idea of comfortable reclining. It was not a place intended to make anyone feel comfortable, or unwatched. Bland gray walls and air stale with the scent of multiple past visitors only added to the discomfort as an affront to the eyes.
    Judith Hopps was well familiar with rooms like this. She had been in more than a dozen d
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 58 17
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Anniversary by Kulkum
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Hic Svnt Dracones: Chapter 1

Story Kulkum 
    “Keep your eyes open, Judith,” the fox said, his voice holding a low tone of authority. In this instance, it was an authority that she had handed over to him as they drew closer to their destination. Violet eyes were forced open again, meeting his in such a way that he could see the reflection of his own face. Eyes that had only just begun to glow a faint ghostly yellow were unblinking, holding her still as they sat in the quiet space between three large maple trees. “Do not look away again. You have seen my true self, stood in my fire. This should be nothing to you.”
    “I had almost forgotten,” came her murmured reply, which at the very least was not trembling. Her nose twitched, however, and her ears had fallen to lay flat against her back as she straightened herself. “I am ready this time.”
    Taking her at her wor
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 61 20
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    While not entirely sure what she’d expected when the offer of dinner somewhere outside of the office came, the building he brought her to hadn’t been on the top of Judy’s list of guesses. In fact, she was fairly certain she had never seen anything like it back home. From the outside, it looked like little more than a small brick building with an uninteresting brown door; a door that was topped by a surprisingly ugly yellow sign in the shape of a martini glass. It was what she would have expected from an unknown dive bar, the mental image of which was almost enough to have her asking if there was somewhere more grounded he could take her. But as she was coming to accept with everything that surrounded her guardian, the rough exterior was just that. It was what was inside that had her captivated.

    The sharply inclined stairs had given way to the warm glow of soft yellow light, the sort that wouldn’t be offensive to the eyes of its mainly nocturnal patrons. As the narrow stairway might have suggested, the layout was compressed. Yet somehow the spacing of the tables away from the stocked bar at the center kept things from feeling cramped. What charmed her almost instantly was the melody that drifted around her. Now clearly able to hear the piano, and remembering that Nick had mentioned live music, her ears perked to follow the sound until her eyes found the source. The raccoon, whose body and face mask was a lighter shade than she had ever seen on the species, played with a light smile on his muzzle as his fingers moved over the keys of the old piano. From the looks of him, she doubted he was even out of his teens yet. Unable to help herself, she found herself drawn towards the lovely notes.

    When jade green eyes raised to her as she approached, the surprise that crossed his face reminded her that bunnies were almost entirely unseen in Zootopia. To his credit, he never missed a key when his gaze darted behind her to the fox who had followed close behind. The smile that bloomed across his muzzle was one of recognition and welcome. Instead of speaking, the young raccoon simply nodded towards the tip jar on top of the piano he played. The amused grin on Nick’s face when she glanced back at him told her that he was familiar with the wordless greeting. So much so that he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet.

    Something about it was incredibly interesting to her. The normality of it, the proof that this fox did exist outside of his still well-kept secrets. It was a combination of multiple things, really. The wallet itself was obviously not cheap, though, in all honesty, she couldn’t have guessed if it was a cheap knockoff of something expensive or if it was an actual quality piece. His paws were quick to flip open the wallet and, as she watched this perfectly natural act with rapt fascination, he flipped through the surprisingly thick stack of bills inside before coming up with a one hundred Buck note. When he folded it quickly, raising his paw to drop it into the tip jar, the lack of surprise on the pianist’s face had a barrage of curious questions racing through her. He tapped the piano-top with one claw in response to the nod of appreciation from the pianist and turned, placing his paw against the small of her back to lead her towards a corner booth, causing those very same questions to run off with the sudden thrill of the touch.

    The reality of it didn’t fade, nor was it lost on her that his paw lingered far longer than normal. It wasn’t his normal ‘you need to move this way to stay safe’ guidance. It was intimate in a way that had him drawing her closer as they moved until they reached the booth. It wasn’t until she felt the slide of his fingers up the center of her spine, a sadly muffled sensation through the layers of her suit, that she allowed a little shiver to race through her. He was such a distraction that she wasn’t even aware that they had been followed to the booth until the large sea otter waddled up to the table with a beaming smile on his heavily whiskered, blunt muzzle.

    “Nick! Glad to have you back here so soon, m’lad,” he said in a thick brogue accent, the large, long-bodied mammal all but bobbing in place as he set some items on the table without being asked. The first to draw her attention was the familiar sight of a shot glass filled with deep amber liquid, which a quick twitch of her nose told her was scotch. Beside that he set a glass of ice water for Nick and one for her before he turned small, curious eyes to her with a menu held out in one webbed paw. “And you’ve a friend with you. A rather rare one, at that.”

    “She is,” Nick said, his voice even but friendly when she reached out to take the menu with a politely grateful smile on her muzzle. “Judy Hopps, this is Lochlann, the owner of this fine establishment.”

    “Fine establishment,” came the snort of reply, a grin that raised his whiskers high on his fur-bearded face given in reply as he popped a pad and pen out of his apron pocket. “You mean a hole in the wall. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Judy. I’ve read the reports of why you’re here in Zootopia. I hope this fox has been keeping a close eye on you?”

    “Yes,” she said, keeping her voice as even as possible even though a glance at the fox had heat rising along the back of her neck. “No one has managed to lay a paw on me so far.”

    “Sad times, when a bunny is attacked just for being in the city,” the otter commented, shaking his head with a sage sort of annoyance crossing his features. “But I know you’re not here to talk to this old otter. What can I get the two of you?”

    The menu was, as expected from a place as small as this one, not exactly extensive, though Nick had been right: the variety of dishes was obviously meant to cater to all types of mammals. From meals of fish and appetizers of deep fried pickles. It wasn’t until her eyes settled on the vegetarian Shepard’s Potato Pie that she realized how hungry she was. A realization that came with a growl of her stomach that had her trying to hide behind the menu for a second when both predators grinned at her. Once the orders were placed, with Nick seeming to know exactly what he wanted in his order of ‘Sea Bass and Chips’, the otter did his waddle towards the back room.

    “You come here often?” she asked, one brow raised as she took up the glass of water to take a sip.

    “I wasn’t expecting a pick-up line so early in the evening, Miss Hopps,” he quipped in reply, almost causing her to sputter into the water glass. Sending the chuckling fox a quick glare as she set the glass down, she leaned back into the comfortably cushioned seat. Because it was sized for a mammal comparable to a fox, she didn’t need to go out of her way to keep her eyes on him even if she had to make sure that the water glass was placed so it didn’t obstruct her view. “But yes. I am a regular here.”

    When no further explanation seemed to be forthcoming, even as she watched him expectantly, she found herself wondering if she was expected to ask. And moreover, found herself wondering if this was a date in his mind. When even thinking like that made her feel young and stupid, she raised one paw to her forehead to rub it for a moment before she waved the same paw in a lost gesture. “Nick, what is this?”

    “A restaurant,” he replied, reaching down to pick up the shot glass and raise it to his nose. She focused on him as he did so. She could see his eyes darken and dilate for a moment, what she thought had to be thirst clear there for a moment, before he focused themon her again and set the glass back onto the table.

    “You know what I mean,” she murmured, curious all over again. The reaction to the liquor, his obstinate refusal to drink it perplexed her. But even more intense was her need to understand why she was suddenly given this window into the real life of a male that she knew absolutely nothing about. “Why are we here? And if you say ‘to eat,’ I am going to throw this water in your face.”

    There was a long moment of silence that followed that. The loaded sort of silence that in court told her that the witness was trying to come up with the right answer when the questions had gone off script. He didn’t seem particularly disturbed, didn’t seem uneasy as emerald green moved over her face with a sort of curious indecision.

    “We should go see one of my friends after dinner,” he said easily, folding his paws on the table top and leaning in a bit as he lowered his voice. “If you need information, he’s on it. I’d bet he knows something about the Otterton case that you can’t find anywhere else in Zootopia.”

    “Don’t try to change the subject, Nick,” she frowned, while at the same time tucking away the offer of help for later. It wasn’t lost on her that it was the first time he had offered any sort of help aside from protection, and while she felt it might be important, she also knew that he offered it when he did specifically to avoid answering her question.

    “All right,” he murmured, rolling his eyes away from her to glance around the restaurant quickly as he feigned a tie adjustment to hide the fact. Being mostly empty aside from the still drifting melody of the piano beyond the bar, his expression hardened for a moment when he looked back at her. “I didn’t mean to bite you.”

    “Oh,” she managed, knowing instantly what he was talking about. Mostly because it caused a little spark of warmth down in her belly as the memory came to life in her mind. A memory so vivid that she found her gaze drifting to his muzzle. His mouth. Dark lips. Lips that currently hid the teeth that had grazed her flesh and made her legs feel like jelly. “Uh. It’s okay? But that still doesn’t answer my question.”

    “Doesn’t it?” he asked, one brow arching as he leaned a little further over the table. Her nose twitched as his did and she resisted the urge to lean closer herself, the impulse to do so surprising her enough to have her reaching for her water glass again. “I never intended to touch you at all, much less put my mouth on you. Your reaction was a little more eager than I expected, Carrots. After all, the entire point of that was to show you that I had no interest in you sexually, to remove that thought from our relationship.”

    “Well, that worked out well,” she laughed, not at all pleased with the note of panic in the sound. She covered her eyes with one paw for a moment just to block out the sight of him long enough for her to think, only to have that effort destroyed when she found him watching her like she was certain a predator of old would watch prey they intended to devour. The fact that she had never reacted so strongly to the advances of a male was a fact that was not lost on her at all. “It wasn’t like I could help it.”

    “Yes, and I didn’t intend to bite you,” he said again, leaning back in his seat without allowing his eyes to leave her. “I have spent years teaching myself to avoid dangerous temptations and it took less than a day for you to… tempt me.”

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I have been sick for about a week, which has set me behind by... About a week on my writing. Slowed things down. Recovering now, hopefully back in full swing soon.

Progress thus far:

Wilde Academy: Next chapter started. Going slow but hopefully finished this weekend so art for the next chapter can begin.
Sunderance: The next chapter is being drawn now, and I have the story for the following chapter planned so no noticeable delay there.
The Savage Dark: To keep the story for the comic flowing, this has been set back about a week while I catch up on my joint projects.

Sorry for the delay on TSD! 

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Who Came First? The Rabbit or The Fox?

    A restless sleep, which was haunted by the memory of fox musk in her nose and a fox’s arousal much closer than she had ever expected one to be, had led to Judy waking up feeling itchy. Not going into heat, she knew. That feeling was entirely different, expected, and even controllable. But waking up with damp panties clinging to her crotch and a strong urge to slide her paw into them to get some relief was something she had thought left behind in her teenage years. She couldn’t remember dreaming, certainly not about him, but she was smart enough not to try to fool herself into thinking that anything but her encounter with the annoyingly hot fox was the cause.

    Not my type. Smug, frustrating, so full of himself that it borders on narcissism. And a fox. He was probably just trying to get a rise out of me.

    These thoughts had managed to make her reconsider showing up to fulfill their little bet. Skipping out would be easy. Him offering her an out likely meant that he wasn’t really all that interested. That was her thought, anyway. He didn’t seem like the gentlemammal type, not after his paws had been all over her ass and inches away from finding out exactly how strongly he had affected her. He was simply competitive, got caught up in the moment, and had taken the chance to poke at her about it.  These thoughts meant that, by the time she’d sat down for breakfast, she had decided to wait until she saw him again to explain that she had reconsidered.

    But with a plate of food in front of her in the cafeteria and a cell phone in paw, she found herself looking at things she shouldn’t have been looking at on Academy time. Or in public. Specifically, fox cocks. Ignoring the fact that it was an amusing rhyme, the first image that she brought up on the screen (after checking around her to make sure none of the females in the room were paying attention to her) had her nose twitching reflexively. The crimson flesh peeking out of the stark white sheath was similar enough that she almost expected to smell him, making her wish that she could scroll up on the image to see the face of the male it belonged to. While it was an educational page, the fact that the image reminded her so completely of Nick’s exposed shaft the night before had her ignoring her food and licking her lips as she read the caption below it.

    ‘An aroused male Vulpes Vulpes.’

    That single line of text killed the idea that he hadn’t been interested.

    She flipped the screen to the next image, violet eyes widening at what she saw. At first, she assumed that she was being shown a fox with some sort of injury. A sex injury, which had caused the base of the shaft to swell up until it was considerably thicker than the rest. And made the entire length of already thick cock seem… Larger. A humorous flicker of thought that she would be able to give Nick such an injury, being a bunny, was quick and shoved aside as she read the caption:

    ‘Canine Knot of Vulpes Vulpes.’

    Of course, the words ‘canine knot’ were a link to another site, which she tapped with one claw curiously. Her mouth dropped open a little as she read and was shown in full detail what exactly a ‘knot’ was, that it was a normal part of canine physiology, and the basics of its role in sex. It needed to be stimulated for the male to reach climax.

    Sweet cheese and crackers.

    Swallowing hard when she realized that she hadn’t even touched her breakfast, she glanced at the clock to see that there was still twenty-five minutes until first class. She also realized that her jump suit, which she had worn everyday of her training because of how comfortable it was, felt tight and hot between her legs. It caused her to squirm in place, the eager lips of her sex rubbing together as she squeezed her thighs in an attempt to ease the flare of lust.

    “Damn it, damn it, damn it,” she whispered, glad that there were no other bunnies in the room as she picked up her untouched tray and hurried out of the mess. “Stupid, sexy fox.”


    Jogging around the building, she was surprised when she found him already standing behind the female’s dorm, leaning against a tree. More surprising than that was the sharp spike in nervousness and the even sharper spike of lust. He was wearing what he always wore for the morning workout class: the dark blue ZPD T-shirt with gray shorts that went down to the knees of his legs. Seeing him as a male now had her noticing every detail of the simple outfit, and the fox wearing it. The T-shirt was a chest hugger, forming to the fur of his torso in a way that left his slender-but-strong body clearly visible while the shorts were just tight enough to allow her to make out the outline of his sheath. The fact that she knew exactly what he looked like when nude and aroused only made her ears burn as she slowed her jog until she was only taking hesitant steps towards him.

    “Well, well,” he said, a slow grin climbing his muzzle when he spotted her heading his way, not even bothering to push away from the tree as green eyes focused on her fully. “This is going to be a good morning, I see.”

    “Why do you want to do this?” she blurted suddenly.

    “Why did you come here?” he responded in kind, her eyes following him as the question had him leaning away from the wall and moving towards her. Around her as he bent over to lean close to her. Her own nose was already twitching like mad but she could also see the flare of his nostrils as his eyes sharpened on her. “And before you answer, remember how keen a fox’s nose is.”

    “I…” she began, then hesitated as he leaned close enough for her to feel the heat of his breath against the side of her neck. A little shiver passed through her as the fur along her spine arched slightly from the simple sensation. “I want to see your knot.”

    Combined with the expected burning embarrassment, there was the satisfaction of seeing his muzzle drop open in shock. A great deal of satisfaction, in fact, when she glanced down and saw how quickly her words, or perhaps her scent, had caused the bulge in his shorts to thicken. And lengthen so quickly that she could actually see the outline sliding upward against his shorts. Her next breath was filled with the musk of aroused fox, causing her legs to wobble slightly when she turned her eyes up to him again.

    “I did some research,” she murmured, stepping closer to him until he took a stumbling step back towards the tree. It was almost enough to overpower her nervousness, which was fading quickly when he released a breathless little chuckle himself at her words. “I want to see your knot. I want to feel it.”

    “You’re serious?” he said, bright-green eyes a little suspicious when she closed the gap a little more. One more step had his back against the tree again when she reached up with a boldness that surprised even herself and cupped the fullness that now extended beyond just his crotch. This time, it was his legs that wobbled when she felt the heat of him throb thickly against her curled fingers. “Oh, damn. You are serious.”

    Running on arousal and emboldened by the fact that she had obviously caught him so completely off guard, she squeezed firmly around the thickness that her fingers couldn’t even fit around before sliding her palm up and down on the front of his shorts. She was clearly doing something right. Virgin though she was, she had certainly seen enough examples of mating on the internet to know how this sort of thing went, in theory at least. And this fox, who groaned low in his throat and closed his eyes at the sensation of her continued paw-strokes, looked pent up enough not to care if she was good or not.

    “It looked amazing,” she whispered, her voice breathy as the smell of him continued to assault her nose in a way that continued to surprise her. Licking her lips just as he opened his eyes, she reached up with both paws to slide her fingers into his waistband. Hesitating for a second, she questioned the state of her sanity for half a second before she carefully tugged them down. The fabric caught for a moment on the head, making him wince and her mutter an apology before he bounced free. “Oh, wow.”

    Knowing that most things seen on the internet paled when compared to the real thing didn’t only apply to sunsets, she learned in that moment. The throbbing length of the fox’s arousal was visually amazing, even if his ‘knot’ wasn’t showing itself yet. Perhaps a little strange, perhaps because she had never expected to be this close to one with the intent of doing anything close to what she was doing now. But here she was, taking in the sight of the almost angry red flesh as the hot, fully-male musk of him clouded around her in a way that had her already elevated level of arousal driving her crazy. Crazy enough to have her lowering herself into a crouch in front of the stunned fox, dragging his shorts down with her as she went until they dropped around his ankles. Now sitting on her haunches, she was right at face level with his cock. She should have been repulsed, maybe intimidated by the fact that he was larger than any buck she had ever seen in curious studies online and heat-dreams.

    “Listen, Carrots,” he began, but she intentionally cut the words off by moving both paws to wrap around the full, naked length of fox. Whatever he had intended to say died in a low toned growl of pure, predatory delight. Far from frightening her, it made her realize something: she had control now. Looking up at him, she saw that his eyes were only half open, his muzzle parted with the tip of his tongue hanging out, paws gripping the tree trunk so tightly that his claws were digging in. And most noticeable of all, he throbbed. The hard flesh in her paws throbbed with need and pleasure, which she was in control of. There was pleasure and deep personal satisfaction in the understanding that she could affect him just as deeply as he had affected her in the shower.

    It was when violet eyes focused on the head of his cock, seeing the precum start to flow in a clear trail from the tapered tip down the crimson shaft, that she decided she wanted to do more than affect him. She saw him open his muzzle again to speak, taking that moment to adjust her crouch so that she was more comfortably level with his cock, before she leaned forward and touched her twitching nose to the shaft. Forced to swallow when the salty, male scent of him caused her mouth to flood with saliva, she breathed him in deeply once and extended her tongue to taste.

    Maybe it was her own arousal that caused it, but the flavor of salt, male, and precum pulled her to close her eyes, drop her ears back and tip her head, pressing her hungry mouth to the broad shaft above the base so she could suckle more of the taste onto her tongue. His breath came out in a ragged rush above her, muffled in such a way that she looked up to see that he had closed his muzzle tightly to prevent the sound from traveling. The feeling of power it gave her had her dragging her lips in little, curious kisses from the base to the tip, pausing at the head to lick the precum from her lips slowly. It sent a charge through her, knowing what she was doing and with who she was doing it. It caused her pussy to heat more than it already was to see his helpless pleasure at her paws, because of her mouth. That ache was a craving to have some part of him inside of her, a need that she filled by parting her muzzle to draw the still throbbing tip between her lips until there was nothing left in her senses but the smell and taste of horny predator. A taste that she found entirely too pleasant. It was odd, the salty and slight bitterness, the taste of clean male flesh that some part of her mind reminded her was fox. That reminder only caused her to moan around the tip as she licked the head and gave that first clumsy but eager suck.

    “Oh, fuuuck,” the male above her groaned, causing her eyes to open as she looked up at him. His head was tilted back against the tree fully now, and while she couldn’t see his face, she could see the tension in the muscle of his throat as he swallowed a moan that was loud and clear to her. Almost managing to grin around the tip, she instead focused on drawing more of the sounds from him. She drew back a bit to explore the narrow tip with her tongue for a moment, gently tracing an outline around the head until she was greeted with a soft grunt and a spurt of fresh precum. The fact that she lapped it up eagerly was almost shrouded by her drawing him deeper into her dainty muzzle. Having to draw back and make an adjustment when her large front teeth grazed him, she angled her head back when his hips quivered, letting the lightly spurting length rest against her tongue.

     Being a little awed at how productive he was, how delicious she found it, and how hot she felt, she needed something. One paw slid between her parted thighs and urgently shoved into her shorts until she found the hot and shockingly wet folds of her sex. Not even trying to be gentle with herself, she firmly ground two fingers at the mouth of her sex while her hips rocked, pressing the nub of her clit against her palm in a way that had her moaning throatily. The moan caused him to look down at her with wide green eyes. He clearly liked what he saw, as the next slide of her tongue over the underside of his cock had his hips bucking forward. Surprised, unprepared, she quickly covered her teeth with her lips and closed her mouth around him fully to prevent the forward motion from driving him right down her throat. The wet return of her mouth seemed to spur him onward, however. He bucked his hips forward again, harsh pants escaping his muzzle as the tip nudged the back of her throat and made her gag at the sudden fullness.

    She pressed her free paw to his hips to regain control, only to find that he had already. His hips moved more carefully, and when she looked up at him through watery eyes, she could have sworn he looked apologetic through the lustful delight on his face. He didn’t stop the thrusting, however. Shallow, quick bucks of his hips that urged her to keep sucking on the now thickly throbbing length. Her own breathing quickened, the pleasure causing little shocks to roll through her as the musky scent and flavor of him increased. Looking down the length of cock, she saw that his knot was swelling now. The mass of it swelled before her eyes, causing them to widen slightly when she realized that it was throbbing in time with the increasingly urgent thrusts of his hips.

    Everything about him and what she was doing in that moment was enough to drive her over the edge. She sucked hard on him, moaning throatily herself when his paw came down to rest on the back of her head to hold her in place as he fucked her muzzle. The tips of her fingers slipped into her sex as she rocked against her palm, silky fur soaked as she pressed deeper than she ever had before as her need overcame her. Her cry was sharp but muffled as pleasure spiked, the aching heat of it spilling her scent into the air around them. Somewhere, she heard him growl and felt his paw tighten around the base of her ears. Her muffled cry was cut off completely when he pulled her into his crotch, her throat rudely but perfectly filled with more cock than she had expected to handle. But pleasure drunk as she was, she didn’t even think to resist with her lips and nose pressed right up against his throbbing knot. The bunny just savored the taste and sensation, the discomfort of his thick length in her throat between light coughs, and the intense pleasure of the orgasm that caused her eyes to roll back into her head as she sucked in breaths filled with as much fox musk as oxygen.

    She wasn’t quite finished cumming when she realized that he wasn’t doing the same. Drunk on all of it, weak to the point that she didn’t even consider it a bad thing that he was using her throat like a cock sleeve, she wanted him to cum.

    “C-carrots,” he groaned as if in reply to her thoughts. His strained voice was obvious as he waited for her to open bleary eyes to meet his desperate gaze, his face almost pained as he continued, “My knot. I need your paws!”

    Remembering what she had read, she realized that he couldn’t cum yet. Any other time, she might have used this fact to her advantage. After all, he didn’t seem in any hurry to use his own free paw to finish himself, but she wondered if maybe he was giving her the choice. The choice to finish him at all, or the choice to let him finish in her mouth. It wasn’t a hard choice for her, mostly because she wanted it as much as he obviously did. Withdrawing her paw from her shorts, causing a hot flood of her own lusty scent to fill the air, she wrapped her fingers around his knot as best she could without hesitation. If it was the fact that he was that close, the scent of her, or the fact that her paw was warm and wet when she squeezed the rock hard mass that set him off instantly, she didn’t know. What she did know was that the look of shocked pleasure that came over him was quickly replaced with an almost comical expression of bliss as he tightened his grip on her ears and sheathed himself inside her throat.

    When the full length of cock throbbed so thickly that it caused her throat to ache, she only moaned at the tension she felt build in his body before the throb rolled up from the base of his knot to the tip. Sudden spurts of liquid heat were so strong that she could literally feel them hitting the sides of her throat with some force before being pumped right down into her belly. What would have been shocking and unthinkable a day ago quickly turned into easily the hottest moment of her life when he continued to muffle pleased growls with every small buck of his knot up against her nose. She massaged it. It seemed like the right thing to do, after all. She squeezed it tightly between her paws in a rhythm that had his knees wobbling so visibly that she almost expected him to fall over. He babbled a few words that meant nothing, aside from the occasional ‘damn’ and ‘holy shit’, but gradually eased his grip on the back of her head until she was able to pull back.

    The feeling of a cock sliding out of her throat, feeling the pressure ease one inch at a time, was both a relief and a turn on that she couldn’t think to explain. It was when he popped out that she was given her first taste of his seed. The quick splash of salty, hot, thick semen over her tongue caught her off guard, but not having the desire to walk around smelling like fox cum had her swallowing it. She was reminded of some does who had always talked about hating it, something about aftertaste, but in the moment where she was quickly swallowing load after load, she didn’t find it bad at all. But she was glad that she hadn’t eaten anything for breakfast. She would have to check that site again to see if volume was something foxes were known for.

    As the flow died down, at about the same pace as her own body cooled off, she drew back until just the tip rested against her tongue again as she looked up at him with darkened purple eyes. The paw on her head had gentled, no longer gripping her ears so much as lightly and (she liked to think) gratefully stroking the fur between them as he stared down at her. She felt a flush crawl up her ears when she realized that she was crouched under a tree behind the female’s dorm and had just given a blowjob to a fox that she didn’t really like. Though she was having trouble remembering why she didn’t like him.

    “Okay,” he said, still panting slightly, though she could see the beginnings of a pleased smirk at the corners of his muzzle. “First off: where did that come from?”

    “Honestly, I have no idea,” she replied, lowering her eyes from his shyly, only to be faced with the crimson length that was still wet with her own saliva. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”


    It was the genuine surprise in his voice that had her returning her eyes to him, and the stunned surprise on his face that had her grinning as pride tickled her mind. “Couldn’t tell?”

    “Well, no,” he admitted, the frown now curving his muzzle down as he reached up to scratch the back of his head. “I didn’t know. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so… Aggressive.”

    “It’s a little late to think that way now,” she murmured, making him yelp and moan slightly when she squeezed her paws around his slowly shrinking knot. The sound of the bell that signaled ten minutes to next class had a smirk of her own growing as her ears perked up. “And by the way, Wilde. I win.”

    “You w… Wait, no no. You lost,” he protested, making her narrow her eyes at him. “The deal was that I could make you cum. And with that bell, it was well within the ten-minute time limit.”

    “You didn’t make me cum!” she protested, then lowered her voice when she realized that she had almost shouted it. “I made you cum!”

    “Yes, and you came in the process,” the fox said, grinning smugly as she drew herself to her feet. She stared at him, muzzle hanging open in shock as she felt the heat rise into her ears again when he pulled his shorts up. “I didn’t even have to touch you, which makes it all the better.”

    “I made myself cum,” she argued, poking his chest as he grinned down at her. “The deal was that your tongue be involved. It wasn’t.”

    “No no no, fluff,” he corrected, dropping his paws to his knees to he could lean down to her level. A little quiver of pleasure started in her belly when he lightly touched his lips to hers. “Your own words were ‘Ten minutes, tongue only.’ You didn’t specify who’s tongue. And yours was… very involved in that.”

    Opening her mouth to protest, she found that she had no real argument to it. Still, it seemed unfair to her that he would ‘win’ because of such a simple technicality after she had done all of the work. Plus, her throat was sore!

    “I’ll tell you what,” he said, his grin not fading as he drew himself up and walked around her. She shivered slightly, this time in fearless, basic lust when his claw traced the rim of one ear. “We’ll start over, to avoid calls of technical foul later.”

    “Start over?” she asked, tilting her head to follow the sensation as his fingers scratched the same ears he had been gripping moments before.

    “Either way this goes, Carrots, I still want my muzzle between your legs,” he admitted, leaning down to press said muzzle against her ear. She trembled, both at the words and the fact that his tongue grazed the base of her ear lightly. “And my tongue inside of you. So we’ll start over. Tomorrow morning?”

    “Tonight,” she blurted, suddenly very aware of how amazing the idea sounded. After all, how much different was that than her standing here with a belly full of his cum? She turned away from his growing smile quickly as she headed off towards the dorm in hopes of a quick shower and de-scenting before a mad dash to class.  “After dinner. If you’re late, you don’t get desert!”

    The boldness of the statement had him letting out a bark of a laugh as her skin burned under her fur from head to toe when she turned the corner. Now, she just had to figure out how to make it through the day while thinking of that silver tongue, fox dick, and carrot-orange fur.

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Honeymoon: Part 1


Case File – The Savage Dark

Reporting Agent: Code Name – Jack “Savage”

Affiliation: Unknown

Current Whereabouts: Unknown

Agent Status: Unknown (Active)

Recording Continues:

    “The plan to use Bunnyburrow as a buffer against outside threats worked as expected. A full week without hostile agents getting within striking distance of any of us allowed some relaxation and allowed time for our inside mammal to begin the process of finding out who was pulling the strings and why. Questioning of Muste was also underway, but up to this point, there was no progress there. As expected of a badger, he seemed as concerned with his time in solitary as others might be watching a sunset. But we’ll get back to that later.

    “As for the Wildes, I admit that I was pleased to be able to offer them the first real stress free week of their relationship. That is what a honeymoon is supposed to be, after all.”


    “Oh, God!”

    The deliciously sweet, blissful sounds of her moans filled the master bedroom of the small home and caused his ears to twitch as he savored the sound. His tongue slipped out over his lips as he relished the feel of silky fur under his paws and the scent of bunny with every breath. The slow roll of his body above hers caused the bed to rock lightly as he stared down at his naked mate, taking her in with silent delight. From arms that were crossed under her head so she could use them as a pillow, down the curve of her back and to the swell of the hips he currently straddled. He decided that she was like ice cream: she was a sweet, quickly melting treat that he wanted to lick from top to bottom until his muzzle was sticky and his tongue tired. The fact that his cock was a thick outline in his pants and nestled between the cheeks of her rather amazing ass was secondary to the slow slide of his fingers through her fur. Paw pads slowly working at the muscles just below the surface until another little groan escaped her.

    “If I’d know you could do this, I would have married you the moment I met you,” she mumbled, her eyes closed and muzzle curved into a blissful smile.

    “You’ve said that four times since we got here,” he replied lightly, though that didn’t keep his smile from spreading when she cracked open an eye to look back at him. “The last time I think was right where we are now, though I was doing more than massaging you.”

    “Hm,” was her only reply for a moment, a contented sigh escaping her as she wiggled her hips a little to nudge her rear against the aching length of his arousal through the jeans he wore. She either did this to let him know that she was aware of it or simply wanted to enjoy the feel of it. Either way, it caused him to throb but didn’t cause him to change the pace of his paws. “I used to laugh at stories of newly-weds being insatiable. Now I am a little more sympathetic. You know you could take me right now, don’t you, partner? Just raise my hips a little, unzip your jeans… Oh God!”

    The little outburst came as he spread his fingers out and placed his pads into the small of her back, rolling them slowly and firmly in circles. He was starting to regret not doing this for her before. The upsurge in her scent even as her muscles started to relax under his attention told him all he needed to know. She was loving the treatment, in more ways than one. It gave him a great deal more patience than his still half-savage state normally allowed.

    “It can’t all be about sex, you know,” he said, keeping his tone teasing. She released a little laugh at that, maybe a result of the little grind of his own hips. “We may want to leave the house, sooner or later.”

    “I wouldn’t count on it,” she replied, her voice dreamy as he ran his thumbs up and down the cords of muscle around her spine. “I am fine with this. All of it. We eat, we make love. We make love, we sleep. We wake up, we make love.”

    “We breathe, we make love,” he continued with a light chuckle as he leaned over her a bit. His fingers curled around her slender shoulders and, careful to keep his claws off her skin, he squeezed them rhythmically as his thumps circled a tense patch of muscle on either side of her neck. The shiver and moan that raced through her was far more sensually charged this time, but still held a note of deep contentment. “I massage you, we make love.”

    “Is that where this is leading?” she said, her voice distant and soft, her eyes closed again as she all but melted into the mattress. “Because I can find no reason to argue. Remember, just raise my hips and I’m ready at this point.”

    “So you’ve said, Carrots,” he chuckled, his ears perking when she trembled a bit as he rolled his thumbs in slow circles around the base of her neck. He could see the spark of hesitance in her that followed the pleasure, a hint of uncertainty crossing her face when her eyes opened to glance back at him.

    “I’m not pushing too hard, am I?” she asked, her voice taking on that softly shy tone that rarely ever surfaced. Rarely, because it only surfaced when they talked about sex. Which amused him, because as often as they made love, they didn’t talk about it much when they weren’t. It reminded him that she was still somewhat new to the whole relationship aspect of their relationship.

    “You’re wondering if the fact that you’re by far the most sexually active female I’ve ever known, and that you have no problem saying when you want me, bothers me?” he asked, allowing the amused sarcasm to all but dribble into every word. His paws moved again, finger pads working firmly up the side of her neck until his thumbs brushed over the base of both of her ears. Her reaction to the touch was fantastic. Little whimpering mewls of pleasure, a jerk of her legs, an unconscious rise in her hips. He savored it, and quietly wondered if he could make her orgasm just with ear play as he murmured his reply, “No, no, no. Maybe someday in the distant future, when I’m much older and my fur’s gone gray. In that golden age when I will be feeling the wear of time and you’ll be just as ready as ever. Maybe then, when you’ve broken my hips and exhausted me to the brink of death, I’ll regret it. But I doubt it.”

    Thankfully, the internet had been very informative on proper massage techniques for bunnies, though adjustments had been made simply because the instructions always assumed it would be another bunny giving said massage. The instructions also hadn’t mentioned that the scent of aroused bunny would be deliciously tempting him to forego further romance in favor of her route of just grabbing her hips and rutting her. He didn’t even have to question if it was his more primal state of mind that had that idea running rampant. A fox didn’t have to be a savage to want what he had in his paws right now. Just male.

    “Hm,” she moaned, and as she relaxed again he knew the sultry tone was not entirely her fault. His wife – and he wondered if it would ever stop giving him a giddy thrill to think of her as his wife – looked as relaxed as she smelled aroused. And felt aroused. Her fur was hot under his paws, paws that spread out so his fingers could slide down the fur of her back until he reached the base of her tail. “And you’ve ‘known’ many females, have you, Mr. Wilde?”

    “This fox isn’t going to fall into that trap, Mrs. Wilde,” he smirked, sliding off her back and hopping off the bed quickly. He ignored her sound of protest, a protest that came with a note of desperation in her voice that was almost as hard to laugh off as the aching length in his pants. Glancing back at her with a grin, he wagged his hips and tail in a full body wiggle that had the bunny watching him with narrow eyes and a twitching nose. “Come have lunch with me, now that you’re ‘relaxed’, Fluff.”

    He hadn’t even made it halfway through the charmingly furnished living room before he heard the stampede of aroused bunny charge him. Not bothering to dodge, he braced himself and rolled with it when she tackled him full body to the ground, an impressive feat for someone hardly more than half his size. His laugh was quick and delighted and was followed by a yelp of surprise as he rolled to flip her off only to have her roll with him, coming up straddling his thighs. Bright lavender eyes that were alight with fun and hot with need met his as she reached for the button of his jeans. This he reacted to by jumping her right back, one paw gripping her hip and throwing the very naked bunny to the side before he scrambled onto all fours with a ‘fierce’ growl. She shrieked lightly, then laughed as she scampered away from him to begin the chase.

    They somehow managed not to knock over any of the cute furniture in their game of fox and bunny, though on more than one occasion she scrambled under a table and behind the couch to escape him. Her scent was a constant in his nose now, as the chase scratched at instincts that he couldn’t deny had everything to do with the fact that he was the fox and she was his prey. The sweetness of her scent, the earthy spice of her arousal, that toned and beautiful body in motion with every twist and turn had him nearing his limit as a male and a predator. Even the way she managed to dodge him with quick motions, though it was obvious that she wanted to be caught, sparked frustrated arousal to new heights. He wasn’t even sure when he managed to squirm out of his pants, but he knew the moment she realized it when her steps faltered at the sight of crimson arousal between his hind legs. Her eyes widened, nose twitching quickly, as a visible tremble raced through her. When he leapt for her this time, her attempt at escape came too late, a surprised laugh escaping her when she was taken down to the carpet on her back with a fox nestled between her thighs.

    He slid himself into her without hesitation and enjoyed the way her eyes widened in surprise when he did. An incredible feeling of wet heat surrounded his length one inch at a time as he pressed his hips into her, savage eyes watching her muzzle drop open as a series of sharp huffs for breath escaped her. Still, even as ready as they both were, there was some effort in squeezing his full length into the bunny below him. The difference would always be there, he knew. It was something he delighted in, savored as she clenched around him like a silky fist until crimson flesh ached to drive into her. He didn’t, though he could have. He didn’t rut her like a feral Todd, even when she wrapped her arms around his torso and gripped the fur of his back to drag him closer as a moan of pure delight escaped her muzzle. Even after the chase, or maybe because of the chase and his deeply predatory reaction to her, he wanted it to last.

    “W-when did those come off?” she whimpered breathily, her face the picture of surprised pleasure when she tilted her head back to meet his eyes.

    “I have no idea,” he replied, arching his back as his hips rolled back and forward again in a single fluid motion that had her arching hers to meet him. The tip of his narrow muzzle settled between her folded ears, the heady growl that escaped him causing her to shiver as he nipped at the base of one. “I just know that you feel amazing, Carrots.”

    “You’re the one that teased all morning,” she replied, moaning and breathing hotly into his chest fur when he braced himself on both paws to rise up over her as he thrust again. “I was about to club you and drag you back to bed by the tail.”

    He noticed that she didn’t try to change the pace, even as clearly eager as she was. The touch of her paws slid down his back and over his rear, gripping his butt to urge him deeper rather than faster. He gave her what she wanted, pressing deeper until he almost felt that he shouldn’t be able to go further before her body relaxed enough to accept his full length. The cost was a sudden, almost painful squeeze on the tapered tip of his already sensitive cock when her body rippled around him in reaction. This illusion and resulting tightness was a part of the difference that made her so perfect for him. That and the fact that she released a shuddering moan of pleasure, her legs tightening to keep him from doing more than grinding the fur of his sheath wetly into her. The stimulation directly to her clit had her squeezing around him again, which in turn caused his back to arch as another growl escaped him.

    “You say the sweetest things,” he rumbled, his voice throaty as his muzzle pulled back into a snarl of pleasure and concentration as he looked down at her. The steady rock and grind of his hips against hers had little moans escaping her, nearly drowning out the slick sound of his flesh sliding into hers.

    “You’re the one who insisted on lunch, Wilde,” she said, a pleasure-dazed grin on her muzzle as she rolled her hips slowly to meet his pace.

    “Yes, but you were going to be lunch,” he growled, taking the moment of surprised pleasure that came into her expression to yank his hips back and drive full length into her again. The surprise changed to glassy-eyed pleasure as a cry was torn from her muzzle when he stretched her again, not even pausing to let their hips rest before he pulled back to the tip and thrust into her again. “I was going to take you on the table, spread out like a feast. Then I was going to spend the better part of the afternoon enjoying the taste of a very horny bunny.”

    Said horny bunny was beyond words now, her eyes still locked on his as she gave up her grip on his rear to grip his back as he took her. Sharp cries filled the little house, mingled with the muffled slap of furred hips on furred hips and the wet sound of his damp sac slapping against her ass every time he filled her.

    “Then I was going to roll you onto your belly on the tabletop, your ass sticking out towards me,” he continued, causing her eyes to widen and her sex to clench tight around him, “and because I spent all that time with my tongue coated in delicious bunny, you would be too weak from the orgasms to do more than lie there and cum again and again while I took you until the table broke.”

    His plans alone, which really had been his true plans for that afternoon, were enough for his mate. The bunny’s paws tightened painfully in his chest fur even as her sex clenched, deliciously tight around him. He lowered his muzzle to her ear as he felt her ripple around him eagerly. “Think about that, little bunny, the next time you wonder if you’re being too forward.”

    The groan that escaped her was muffled into his chest fur when she pressed her face into his ruff where hot, rapid-fire breaths told of her overstimulation only a second before he felt her body convulse sharply. She came harder than he expected, bucking under him as every muscle under silky fur tightened and strained against him and her sex squeezed around his next thrust like a vice. Whether the strength of the climax came from the hour-long massage or his open expression of his plans he couldn’t say. And soon didn’t care. It was hard to avoid, seeing that beautiful body alive with pleasure under him, hearing her cries and feeling her hot pants into his chest. He wasn’t far behind her, feeling the rushing build of pleasure in his gut as he drove into the swollen heat of her sex just as his knot started to thicken.

    Feeling her wrap herself around him, arms and legs tightening until moving literally meant taking her with him, was almost as perfectly intimate as the way her body stretched around him as he knotted her. Harsh, panting growls escaped him as sensation and emotion robbed him of rational thought, the steady pace of his hips replaced with quick, rapid humps as the need to breed what was his overcame. The jerking throbs of her sex around him as his quickly thickening arousal stretched her to the very edge of her limit only quickened his climax as his thrusts dragged them both across the carpet. Almost frustrated, his paws snapped down and around her hips to raise them up, holding her still as he pumped himself into her quickly, desperate to fall over the edge that his mind had already crossed. The sharp cries and almost reluctant clench of her inner muscles around him dragged him into the blissful release as his hips slammed into her and held still. Two thick throbs, two sharp whimpers from her and he was pumping her eagerly receptive body full.

    Some part of him always wondered what caused her to cum when he did. The stretching caused by their different sizes and the fact that his fully swollen cock in climax filled every possible inch of her hungry body? Or simply the feeling as his seed erupted into her, as his twitching sac pumping jet-after-fertile-jet of seed into her waiting womb? Whatever it was, which she could never explain herself, it seemed to happen without fail. It was a pleasure that bordered on pain, a sweetly desired torment that drove him wild enough to buck his hips against her even as he continued to spill into her. His world was blind for a few moments, leaving him only with the scent of their mingled lust and the taste of her in the air, saturating the back of his tongue with every gasped breath.

    He knew the world was gray when he opened his eyes, a change that wasn’t as entirely significant as it once would have been. A week where his mindset was balanced between the savage and the norm had followed the more recent week after his snap at the bar. His mind was much closer to feral now in many ways, much more aware and that brought him a great deal of understanding of how exactly it worked as time passed. As far as he could tell, there was really no difference between ‘Savage Nick’ and ‘Calm Nick’ anymore. There was more of a middle ground, which he was coping with well enough, in his mind.

    And when it came to his wife, it seemed to work very well. Green eyes turned down to the bunny under him as her arms relaxed and she went limp. The pleased grin on her muzzle was more than a little dreamy, interrupted by little whimpers of pleasure when his continued orgasm caused him to throb thickly inside of her. She didn’t only seem to be taking the constant state of half savagery well, she seemed to be thriving on it. Enjoying it, even. He had to admit, the chances that he would have been so rough with her so early in their relationship would have been zero if the feral side of him hadn’t driven him to do so. Not that he wasn’t capable, but the same fear of hurting her on a physical level had always existed for him. Knowing what he knew now, that idea proved that he was still a dumb fox sometimes. The contented eyes that turned to meet his were not the eyes of exhausted satisfaction. They were the eyes of a bunny who would have been perfectly happy to stay where she was for a while, and just as happy if he’d flipped her around and taken her again on the spot.

    “You know, I think I might be in love with you,” he said, lowering himself to his elbows, arching his back, and arranging their position slightly so he could nuzzle his lips against hers.

    “I think you might be, too,” she said, and he could feel her grin grow against his lips before he deepened the kiss. Slowly sensual, tongues played across each other intimately as he savored the taste of her. He was always gentle in this respect, aware of his teeth and the size of his tongue compared to hers. It was she who suckled on the tip of his tongue and increased the passion of the kiss as her paws cupped both sides of his muzzle, shivering against him when the vibration of a silent growl hummed into the kiss when he felt her hips roll. The steady squeeze and quiver of her sex had him breaking the kiss.

    “You’re about to cum again, aren’t you?” he muttered against her lips, grinning when she whimpered with a quick nod, prompting him to turn his muzzle up and trail little nibbles along the sensitive rim of her ear. He felt her body heat up all over again, if it could even be said that she’d started to cool. “Did a little massage get you that worked up, Carrots?”

    “I was just thinking that this is our honeymoon,” she moaned, not resisting at all when he bathed the base of her ears in attention with his tongue. “Married to my partner. My sexy, amazing fox. It’s been really… Fast!”

    The last word jumped when he nipped her ear and bucked his hips forward again, the small series of motions seeming to be enough to drive her over the edge into another orgasm. He savored the whimpering bunny, a bunny that jolted in pleasure and bucked under him when he sucked firmly on the edges of her ear before pressing his sharp canines into the sensitive skin it caused. She was right, of course. There was a special vibration between them now that they were married. A different feeling of connection, closeness. A feeling that he had never expected to even get close to with her only a few weeks ago.

    “Moving too fast for you, Carrots?” he murmured, his tone more a sensual tease than an actual question as he reached down to grip her hips with one paw while the other slipped under her back to drag her up against him as he sat on his haunches. She released a weak gasp when he settled her into his lap, causing him to sink even deeper if it were even possible. At least that was how it felt when her plush ass was settled against his thighs and her sex clenched around him. The dazed look in her eyes held a question, which he answered by pressing her hips down as he rocked his hips up in time with a thick throb from the length still firmly knotted inside her. “Let’s see how many orgasms this honeymoon daze can drag out of you.”


    It turned out to be seven.

    She came another seven times under his gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, attention. Halfway through, he became so aroused himself that even as his knot finally started to shrink, he had just taken her again. This time from behind over the kitchen table as he had planned to begin with, which led to her last three orgasms before she was actually begging for a break. By that point, they were a sticky mess that smelled of sex, cum, and exhaustion. It was on wobbling legs that they managed to make it to the shower, wash each other until they felt somewhat civilized again and then decided to take a bath. A bath which she ran, because her legs were the weakest, while he went into the kitchen to make a quick, much-needed meal.

    Not that their position changed much in the bath, aside from the reality of physical limitations. Which meant that, even while she was sitting in the large tub with her legs straddling his hips and their bodies remained close together, neither of them did more than simply soak in the hot water while letting the light scent of apples she had added to the bath ease their addled minds.

    “What do you think Wolford is doing while we’re here?” she questioned, taking a big bite of the cucumber sandwich triangle he held in front of her muzzle. They could both hear the angry rumble of her stomach even as she fed it, but neither commented. His was doing the same as his other paw shoved half of a cricket burger into his muzzle, after all.

    “Don’t know,” he shrugged, releasing a contented sigh as he reached for another piece of the sandwich. “Don’t care. As far as I’m concerned right now, until someone knocks on that door, they don’t exist.”

    “Honeymoon seclusion? Or honeymoon fever?” she said with a grin up at him before he nudged her to eat some more.

    “I think we’ve just seen the beginning of that particular fever,” he chuckled, his now free paw smoothing down the wet fur over her back and rear under the water slowly. “We’ve been this exhausted before…”

    “No we haven’t,” she disagreed, causing him to laugh softly.

    “…I’ve been this exhausted before,” he amended. “Remember, I survived your being in heat. And worn out as I was after The Night of Endless Humpings, as I have named it, I was mostly recovered the next day.”

    “You caught the tail end of that heat,” she laughed, causing him to raise one eyebrow as she sat up in his lap to look at him with her paws combing through the thicker fur of his chest. He had to admit, he almost wished he had another round in him right then and there, seeing her wet body settled in his lap with an amused little smile on her muzzle. She looked entirely too appealing, especially when she lowered her ears in a way that had him wondering if bunnies found it as sexy as he did. “I was in full ‘Take me, you dumb fox’ mode for almost a week before that. You, my handsome fox, haven’t seen anything yet.”

    “Riiiight,” he murmured, ears twitching sideways while he found himself half wondering if he was delighted or terrified by the idea. Maybe a little – or a lot – of both. “I’ll be sure to stock up on energy drinks and vitamins. And protein shakes. And emergency fluid IVs. Come to think of it, I wonder if they’ve perfected cloning yet. Might not hurt to have another me to tag in when… Ow!”

    “Don’t put the idea of two Nicks in my head, especially not when I go into heat,” she said after the light punch to his shoulder, sniffing and raising her nose as he grinned a little wickedly.

    “Not even married two days and you’re already abusing me.”

    “Well then, don’t tempt a bunny with two of you,” she murmured as she leaned in to touch her mouth to his lightly. He tasted cucumbers and bunny. “I don’t think Zootopia could handle more than one Nick Wilde.”

    “I don’t think Judy Hopps could handle more than one Nick Wilde,” he replied, chuckling softly as a smirk crossed her muzzle before she nestled into his chest again. “At least not in a physical capacity sense.”

    “Nick!” she cried with a bubble of laughter escaping her, lightly smacking his shoulder without moving the rest of her. “Though I can’t really argue there, Slick. I think it’s pretty amazing, after all.”

    “Hm? What is?” he asked, the lazy grin not leaving his face as he closed his eyes and leaned his head against the edge of the bath. He was content right down to the tips of his toes.

    “That you fit at all,” she replied, her tone not teasing or joking in the slightest. “I’ve done the research. You are not inconsiderable in that department.”

    “Them’s fancy words for saying that I’m not Tiny Nicky?” he commented, humor ever present in his own as he looked down at her. It dawned on him. “Oh, so that’s why you seemed so curious the first time you gave me a blowjob?”

    “In part,” she admitted and he could tell by the little squirm of her hips and the heat in her ears as he ran his paw over them gently that she was blushing. Strong willed and active as they were sexually, it seemed that just talking about sex in a frank way was an easy route to making her blush still. “A very small part. Mostly I was curious and wanted to make you feel good, because you always seem very eager to do it for me.”

    “The fox that I am loves the taste of a certain bunny,” he confirmed, then grew silent so she could continue.

    “I was worried, at first. As insistent as I was - you know, during our first time together – I think in part I was that way because I wasn’t sure it would work at all. I don’t like to think that I can’t do anything, and once you were inside of me,” she said, trailing off with a slow shrug of her shoulders as she ran her paws up and down his arms slowly, “Give a bunny an inch and she takes a mile.”

    “And you very nearly hurt yourself in the process,” he muttered as he remembered her whimpers of pain and the lengthy period of stillness where he had desperately wished his knot would go down to give her relief. “If I had lost control then…”

    “You didn’t. I wouldn’t change a thing about that night,” she interrupted, tilted her head up to slide her nose through the fur of his neck slowly. Every whisper of breath that caressed his skin was a forerunner to the fact that he felt her hips squirm a moment later. Felt the different type of warmth as her sex slid up to grind against his sheath slowly. “Do you think this is what normal couples do, Nick? Sit in the bath, talking about clones and physical limitations of the female anatomy?”

    “I doubt I’ll ever care what ‘normal couples’ do,” he murmured, both of his paws vanishing under the water to mold over the cheeks of her rear. He saw the water ripple when her tail twitched, felt compelled to wrap one paw around the base of the wet patch of fluff. Doing so only caused her hips to rock forward again, though neither of them was in a rush to move things forward this time. “When this case is over, I see us going back to the ZPD. We’ll go on patrols, chase down the bad guys to make the city a better place, get dressed down by Bogo now and then. Sometimes we’ll go out to dinner or get a drink afterward, just the two of us like we used to. I’ll tell excellent jokes while you try not to laugh at them.”

    “Hmm,” she mumbled softly, her voice heavy with desire but still managing to sound interested as she slipped her paws between their bodies to cup his already swelling sheath.

    “We’ll talk about work, we’ll talk about family, we’ll buddy around the city,” he said, arching his hips up into her silky wet touch as he grew into paws that rubbed up and down the increasingly exposed length of vulpine arousal. “Then at the end of the day, we’ll go home. The difference being, of course, knowing that we love each other. And that it will be our home we go home to. Where we can do things like this.”

    The last part came breathlessly when she rubbed the satiny fur of her palm around the tip, causing pleasure to sing through him for a moment before she released him and stood. He stayed where he was as the water cascaded over her fur, giving her a very sleek, wet and much too appealing look. She placed her paws on the edge of the tub on either side of him as she stood over him, the scent of sweet earth and musky female arousal far more interesting than the apples when she placed her lips against his ear.

    “As often as we want, where we want,” she hummed, this time making it clear that it was her turn to play the seducer when she grazed her tongue along the rim of his ear. Not as sensitive as hers, maybe, but it still sent a little electric shock down his spine and out to the tip of his tail. “Anywhere, like right here for example. If I were to turn around, brace my paws on the wall, stick out my hips and…”

    She trailed off as she followed through with the first part of her description, turning to face away from him. The only part of him that moved was his throbbing arousal, which was just as eager as his eyes to drink in the view when she braced her paws against the wall, took a step back, and shoved out her hips. The last stage of this, which she had neglected to speak aloud, was the spreading of her feet as wide as the tub would allow and raising her hips with a twitching tail. This afforded him a delicious and damned-near-obscene view of flushed, wet, and aroused pink bunny that had his mouth watering and his already hard length aching. He stood out of the water, watching her as she looked at the erect crimson with much the same hunger as he looked at her outthrust rear. Large paws gripped those hips tightly, making her grin and then yelp.

    I really love this bunny, he thought when he dragged her back into a single hard thrust that had the sound of wet fur slapping into wet fur filling the room.

The Savage Dark Chapter 20
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Small delay on TSD, which I mentioned would be released this weekend. Computer issues earlier this week and a birthday party turned drunken madhouse yesterday set me back. It will be out either Monday or Tuesday, however. Honeymoon time!
  • Eating: Souls with Chicken Soup
  • Drinking: Coffee. Even sick writers need coffee.
I have been sick for about a week, which has set me behind by... About a week on my writing. Slowed things down. Recovering now, hopefully back in full swing soon.

Progress thus far:

Wilde Academy: Next chapter started. Going slow but hopefully finished this weekend so art for the next chapter can begin.
Sunderance: The next chapter is being drawn now, and I have the story for the following chapter planned so no noticeable delay there.
The Savage Dark: To keep the story for the comic flowing, this has been set back about a week while I catch up on my joint projects.

Sorry for the delay on TSD! 


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